Posted by sharonra @sharonra, Apr 20, 2023

I just want to introduce myself.

I was diagnosed with atypical tuberculosis (MAC Chimera) on 11/17/22. This was actually detected in 2016, but no one told me and no action was taken. I assume that at that time, it was too mild to treat. I can take only 2 of the three antibiotics because I am also on Tamoxifen and rifamycin counteracts that medicine. Had a CAT scan 3 months later, but no change so far. At this time neither of my doctors has recommended ACT.

I also have bronchiectasis in both lungs and have had that since 11/9/20. Add to that, mild asthma and COPD. I have great lungs. 🙂

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Try to have one of your doctors prescribe saline (preferably 7%) to be nebulized and start airway clearance techniques. You can find information from others on this website, NTMir, (Linda Esposito) and YouTube has videos of webinars from NTMir and National Jewish Health.


My next appointment with my doctor is May 8th. I'll ask her about it, then. Thanks for the information.


I’m pretty new, too. First nodules seen in 2021 and it had progressed to trees in bud, ground glass and mucoid infiltrates by last summer and I was referred to a local pulmonologist. He was quite helpful in with getting my cough and PND under control, diagnosed asthma and added Mucinex. He didn’t order any airway clearance and my repeat CT in January started showing mild bronchiectasis. He went on leave and I went to Mayo in March. They strongly emphasized airway clearance and started me on albuterol nebs, followed by Aerobika and postural drainage, all 2x daily. . I’d ask about those.

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