Reflecting on My Childhood Journey with Epilepsy

Posted by Rachel Skaug @rachelskaug, Jun 11, 2019

HI, I just joined the Mayo Clinic Connect. Looking forward to being able to help people through my past experience with seizures. I used to have seizures aka: epilepsy. I lived with it for the first ten years of my life and beat also as a child. I have a book out called “Epilepsy Through A Child’s Eyes” its about my whole 10-year childhood journey on living with epilepsy and being “cured” from it.

Hi, @rachelskaug@bruceg asked an interesting question related to what you shared about doing your best to learn things in picture format. Will you share more about that and how bruceg could find information on picture format?

How have you found the picture format helps you with your memory, rachelskaug?


I just wanted to say that years ago I went to Yosemite with friends and my friend was telling me about the rocks in the Merced river. I didn’t remember any of it. The next day at home I looked at the photo of us on the rocks and it came back to me. I remembered falling into to river and how freezing cold it was. I remembered going to the gift shop and getting clothes and paying with cash which I seldom do. Memories coming back from looking at a pic of me standing on a rock.
But pictures don’t always work. After I came home from the hospital from being in a coma for months my Mom put photo albums around but none of those pictures sparked any memories. I just thought it was interesting why one photo stimulated my memory but not others???

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