Do cloves help with hair loss?

Posted by neomipaul @neomipaul, Jan 13 12:37pm

Hello. I am needing info if I can use clove by mouth or on scalp for loss of hair. I am losing handfuls every time I brush my hair

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Oh dear, losing hair is never a pleasant thing to have happen! How long has this been going on?
I’m not familiar with using clove oil for hair growth. Hopefully other members might chime in on the conversation to talk about their experiences.
But if you do use it internally, be aware that too much clove oil can have some serious and unpleasant side effects as well as interfering with medications. I found a good article for you that delves into clove oil a little further.
What pops into my mind first is, why is this happening? What’s going on in your life that may have brought about the hair loss?
Have there been any changes in your life recently such as stress, different medications, illness? Any hormonal changes due to menopause or using birth control? Chemotherapy? Thyroid problems? As you can see here are so many factors that can affect our hair.

There are a number of links you might find of interest discussing hair loss and some solutions.
I am including one of Mayo's Q and A on treating hair loss:
Healthline – Biotin for Hair Growth: Does It Work?
NIH – Biotin

We’ve had members having some success with using Biotin which is a natural Vitamin B supplement. There are other products on the market which help promote hair growth as well as slowing down the loss. Rogaine is an over the counter product at drug stores. I’ve used a shampoo and conditioner called Nioxin which really helped stop the loss.

But most importantly, if this persists, it might be in your best interest to see your primary care physician to make sure there is no underlying physical reason such as low thyroid level. Have you seen a doctor about this?


I saw a dermatologist for my hair loss 3 years ago ( possibly due to aging, stress from a long surgery), she recommended Rogaine 5% for Women. I apply it once daily. My hair loss has significantly slowed way down, I’ve regrown hair in most of the bald spot area, and there have been no side effects that I can see or feel. The dermatologist checks my scalp when I’m in for my yearly skin check. So far, so good.


I am a hairdresser who has recently started battling COPD which has been stressful causing hair loss . I am a male but it effects all genders . I can tell you COPD has limited my shampooing to once a week and this causes me to think I am losing more than normal because on a normal week I shampooed once a day which allowed me not to notice a huge amount at once . Have you changed the amount of time you shampoo ? We naturally shed a certain amount daily . Blessings

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