Inflammation and bloating

Posted by elenacostarica @elenacostarica, Jan 17 9:46pm

Hello, im 40 and learning to improve my life after being diagnosed with Hypothyroidism a s Hashimoto’s, and one thing that is being super uncomfortable is bloating for no reason. Early morning, middle of the day, anytime… my lower stomach just gets huge and hurts, then the next day its “normal”. Since I was young I got bloated for no reason too.
Any tips or ideas? My intestines seem to have a mind of its own 🙁

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I understand why you want to improve your life/health after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and you are still bothered by daily uncomfortable bloating.
Did you speak to an Internist or GI specialist about the bloating?
There are a few reasons why one can experience bloating.
One reason comes to mind since you mentioned Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune illness. It’s not uncommon to also have a second gastrointestinal autoimmune disease, celiac disease- gluten intolerance.
I think a Gastroenterologist will be able to find out the cause of the bloating- they will most likely test you for celiac disease too.
Please let us know what happens if/when you have been evaluated!


Thank you for your advise, I got tested for celiac and I am gluten tolerant. However, I will check to see what else can be happening there. Thanks!!

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