Induced sputum testing

Posted by ann0616 @ann0616, Mar 8, 2020

Good afternoon,

I had induced sputum testing three mornings last week. Got day one results this morning and this is what they say:

Culture, Respiratory w/wo gram stain results:

Many endogenous flora
<10/LPF squamous epithelial cells
<10/LPF red blood cells
<10/LPF neutrophis
Rare gram – positive cocci, pairs

Obviously, I will contact my doctor after all three days are in, but does anyone know what any of this means?



@ann0616 Hi Ann – what were they testing for? It sounds like they sent a sample through the regular lab, NTM culture screening takes several weeks, pseudomonas a couple of weeks, both are usually done in specialty labs. Maybe they did both a basic specimin test and are sending a culture? That is what my first pulmonologist did when he was trying to figure everything that was going on in my lungs. If it was me, I'd call the doctor's office on Monday and see what they are doing…Sue

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