I'm yakking two sudden gasp of air invotuntary

Posted by ashleychantell @ashleychantell, Oct 7 4:56am

I'm trying to see why I take two sudden involuntary gasp for air I never no when I'm gonna do it it just happens and it's always 2. It use to do it only when I got really sleepy or just falling asleep but literally I do it several times a day and night while I'm wide awake. It scares me bc it's like I feel fine then all of a sudden I just gasp two big gasp for air and it feels like when I do it maybe my heart skips a beat it Def does something does anybody might no what this means bc it gets worst over time

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Welcome @ashleychantell, I haven't experienced gasping for air but I'm sure you are not alone and others can relate. Here's an article from the Sleep Foundation on the topic that might be helpful while you wait for others to respond.
— Waking Up Gasping for Air: Exploring Causes and Treatment: https://www.sleepfoundation.org/physical-health/waking-up-gasping-for-air.

From what you describe the symptoms have gotten worse recently and is something you should seek help for as soon as possible. Have you discussed the gasping for air with your doctor?

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