I'm having a problem with my weight and other conditions

Posted by davisdash85 @davisdash85, Apr 16, 2023

I have always had a problem with my weight I was always a kid I was always skinny. I joined the military at 18 that was 2003 when I went to my first duty station at 19 in Korea I started to gain massive weight I went from 179 to 205.
All through out my military career every time I ate anything I'll gain two pounds a day no matter how much I exercise I got up to 255lbs.
Now I'm 39 30 years later nothing has change I have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and cholesterol for years I ignored it. The last 5 months I started eating healthy and exercising more than I ever had to get healthy I went to the doctor my blood pressure and cholesterol is in normal range. The problem is my weight has shot up I'm at 279 and I lift weights and jog for a hr and a half 4 days out the week. I have been the same weight for two months. Everytime I take a bit of food salad chicken breast salmon no matter what it is as soon as I take a bite my stomach swells and never goes down. I have an appointment with a endocrinologist in a few weeks does anyone think it's something seriously wrong with me?

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Hello @davisdash85 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I am glad to hear you have an appointment coming up to look into what may be going on. It certainly sounds as though something is off given you have been active throughout your weight gain. The part about your stomach swelling after you eat seems like a red flag that you may want to focus on in your appointment. Are there specific foods you eat regularly that could be causing some issues?


If you are overweight with HTN and high cholesterol you need a formalized weight reduction and exercise program. If you jog how far do you jog? If you’re doing 1 1/2 hours and still not losing change your program. At 39 not too late to make big changes. You only noted protein foods, what about the other foods you’re consuming and your stomach? Sounds like your need a GI doc too beside an endocrinologist. Are you experiencing Metabolic Syndrome yet due to your weight as reason for your visit?
In Oct 2016 I saw a neurosurgeon regarding my lumbar spine hardware from 1992 fusion surgery and acute and chronic back pain. I’m was 5’6” and 206# then and he wanted to remove my stainless steel bars and replace them with titanium vs. losing a bunch of weight, exercise and take up yoga. Well I did all three and reduced my weight to 160#, I walk minimum 2 miles daily, I have a home exercise program I received from physician therapy that I do 2x day. I have manageable pain and feel much healthier and no more surgery on my back. I was 64 then and I just turned 71. You are still young enough to get a handle on your situation and steer yourself away from a life of suffering. Good luck with your journey. By the way lifting weight will do zip to help you lose weight.


David, I neglected to add that when trying to lose weight I cut out all starch like rice and pasta and dinner is a protein and vegetable with a healthy desert. My snack foods are mostly fruit’s and healthy dark chocolate. To help reduce my cholesterol I make my own granola with a base of raw oats not instant and other granolas that have no added sugar and I eat this with fruit and yogurt. We are all different and to each their own. You can conquer this.

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