If intolerant to eye drops for glaucoma, what options?

Posted by jane8888 @jane8888, Nov 14 9:46pm

After a few years of using drops, Timolol, Latanoprost, and Pilocarpine in various combinations, I've developed allergic reactions. Hard to sort out which is causing the allergetic reaction (Timolol?), and I don't like the headache and slight dizziness I feel with Pilocarpine.

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Sorry to hear about your reaction to glaucoma drops. I've been fighting glaucoma for over 30 years now. Periodically my glaucoma specialist does change drops. Currently I'm on pilocarpine, dorzolimide, and rocklatan which keeps pressure below 14.


I do not recommend the Xen shunt procedure . Try laser first if intolerant to drops after switching drops.

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