Icy feet and ankles with Small Fiber Neuropathy....anyone?

Hello neuropathy friends. I am looking for information that talks about ice in your feet and ankles from Small Fiber Polyneuropathy. Recently, my feet feel like they have been hanging over the edge of a chair in a bucket of ice. No pain, unless you think freezing feet is painful. Just mysterious. I have had hot and painful but not cold and freezing. Toes still have the tingles and bottoms of feet are numb. Just can't get rid of the cold, cold, cold.

May you have peace and ease today.

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My feet are so cold sometime, it amazes me how cold they are.
I usually wrap a blanket around my legs and feet to warm them up.
What surprises me is that it’s not even cold in my home, when my feet are frozen.

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I got an electric pad to warm them at night o otherwise I cant get to sleep.

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