Fact or Myth about Ibuprofen and COVID-19?

Posted by gspaeni @gspaeni, Mar 29, 2020

Should ibuprofen be discontinued during the virus outbreak?

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Oh, Wildcat, thank you for your post. It is very heartening to hear that both Scotland and UK are keeping you well informed, providing all with essential supplies and that volunteers are sprouting up to help as well. I'll be sending prayers and good wishes your way in the coming days as Scotland prepares for your peak.

My most favorite trip was to Beauly, Scotland in the early 80's. As a Frazer, it was beyond description to not only spend 2 nights at the Frazer Hotel and visit the cemetery of so many earlier Frazers but Lord Lovat, WWII hero and chief of our clan, invited us for tea the second day.

On the way to Balblair House we stopped at a roadside florist for a bouquet. Handing them to Lady Lovat as we exited the car, we learned that that day was her birthday. They were so gracious and I so nervous! He inscribed a personal message in the copy of his memoir, March Past, which he gave me.

Although the castle was now lived in by the son who was away, he called ahead to permit us the freedom to explore the surrounding grounds and small stream running through. That night at the hotel, he'd arranged for 2 pipers to play as we dined. Truly an incredible, mountain top experience. Thank you so much for evoking this precious memory.

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@fiesty76 I loved hearing about the castle too. That was a great experience and so personal.


Thanks @fiesty76 . I could have made the description a lot more detailed and longer but thought I had better not. I have to laugh, Becky reminded us all that this was a walking site and I decided that in any case I was going to back off a bit because it is taking too much of my time and I need to catch up on other things. Then we end up with the subject of dogs. I could add so much here but I am stopping myself. I love dogs and have owned several. My daughters both have very large dogs, a yellow Lab and a cross between Mastiff and Ridgeback and I love visiting them. I can't have a dog where I live right now but if it changes and I don't travel as much I shall rescue one or even two.
Now back to walking although I may miss today because I didn't sleep at all well last night.

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I chuckled too at the reminder but you see I couldn't resist sharing my Scotland story and like you I abbreviated those details which make any sharing better..imo. vbg I love dogs too and have had many over the years. When my last one died at age 18 yrs, I chose, due to my health and age, not to adopt another. I do volunteer at a no-kill shelter and come home with stories to share with my kitty, Precious, who honestly sometimes walks away just as I'm getting to the best part. I'm not sleeping as well as before but can lie down for a bit after lunch which helps. Tomorrow is another walking day for me so sending good wishes to all our walkercizers.

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