IBS sufferers – MRT and LEAP

Posted by Bluegrass Gal @cindychesler, Jul 3, 2019

Hey IBS sufferers, have any of you had the MRT testing? It is testing to determine food sensitivities? The LEAP program is Lifestyle Eating and Performance Therapy. Has anyone done this? What were the results? Were they helpful? Has your IBS subsided? Any and all information is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I have suffered IBS with Diarrhea for YEARS. My journey has taken me through all sorts of western medicine as well as some eastern medicine without significant and consistent relief. The cycle was vicious, I was at wits end and the weight kept piling on. I went through periods of time where I was desperately afraid to leave my home. Finally, I decided to see a psychologist about this because I couldn't make any meaningful or long term progress. It must be in my head right? Thankfully the psychologist pointed me in the direction of a dietitian who did MRT blood testing and now I am following the LEAP nutrition program. This has been a life saver. The testing determined food sensitivities and the LEAP program and my dietitian have helped me put together an eating program that works for me. Bit by bit we are adding foods back in. The MRT testing showed significant sensitivity to cow's milk (products), soy, yeast, tomatoes, acetaminophen and amaranth. Soy and yeast are hidden in so many things. Anyhow, it has been a lot of hard work so far but I have had exactly 1 episode of diarrhea in the last 21 days. Quite honestly the episode was my fault as one day I went off the rails and ate a bunch of stuff that I shouldn't. Anyhow, it gets easier every day and I have also begun to lose weight — 8 pounds so far. I posted about this before I started and just wanted to let people know that I have found huge relief.

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