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I was diagnosed in Jan w diverticulitis. Cipro & Flagyl round. It [...]

Posted by @jenniferedodd in Digestive Health, Mar 22, 2014

I was diagnosed in Jan w diverticulitis. Cipro & Flagyl round. It returned with vengeance 6 weeks later as peritonitis. IV antibiotics in hospital 5 days ...flagyl & cipro again. Dr said I must undergo colon surgery to remove. After research I am willing b'cause I don't want antibiotic resistance. Question is how do I stay clear of inflammation/infection to get ready for surgery in 4 weeks?

Tags: Diverticulitis, colon, Peritonitis, antibiotic resistance, colon surgery

Posted by @Margaret_Marie, Mar 24, 2014

Hi, @jenniferedodd. I'm so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I'll try to find out an answer for you about the best way to stay clear of inflammation and infection before surgery. For now, here are some resource that might be helpful: Peritonitis treatment and diverticulitis lifestyle and remedies


Posted by @olboy1140, Apr 27, 2014

i got a severe c diff enfection after a course of antibiotics in the hospital after surgery for diverticulitis?

Posted by @Margaret_Marie, Apr 30, 2014

Hi @olboy1140. I'm sorry to hear about your infection. Here is some information on C. difficile: Hope this helps.


Posted by @shirleyfoggepiazza, Tue, Jan 10 at 11:21pm CDT

I am sorry. Just had Sepsis from tooth surgery through my body . I afraid as I get recurrent CDIFF.


Posted by @hopeful33250, Wed, Jan 11 at 6:14am CDT

Hi @jenniferedodd, When I want to steer clear of diverticulitis, I drink lots of liquids and go with a soft diet. I use Ensure (or a product like it). eggs. baked potatoes, cream of wheat, etc. I avoid raw fruits and veggies and other roughage. I roast veggies in the oven with olive oil until they are soft and use canned fruits or soft fruits like bananas. I have found that the important thing about avoiding diverticulitis is diet, fluids and gentle exercise. Keeping stress at a manageable level by mild exercise (stretching, walking, Tai Chi, etc.) is important. Of course, all of these help avoid constipation which is the major goal to avoiding diverticulitis.

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