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I stop breathing while falling asleep.

Posted by @trippangie17, Jun 10, 2012

Just as my body relaxes and I begin to fall asleep, I find myself not breathing. Sometimes I do fall asleep and wake up breathing fast. I then begin relaxing and my breathing slows down; I feel myself wanting to breath, but my body won’t until I “wake” myself up enough to breath again.
I have a bi-pap machine for moderate sleep apnea, but I do it with machine on. I can’t use a c-pap because I feel as though I’m being suffocated.
I was born not breathing. My apgar scale was 1 after 1 min. They did cpr for 20 min. before I began breathing on my own.
Anyone else with similar problems?


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Posted by @bobjanet55yahooca, Jul 17, 2012

hi i was diagnosed with sleep apnea i stop breathing 36 times during the night according to a sleep test i am not sure what is normal so do not know if this is serious or not would like some replys if possible

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