I have recently been diagnosed with MS more affecting aphasia.

Posted by KMH @KMH, Dec 28, 2015

I have recently been diagnosed with MS more affecting aphasia. I hate to talk to people and i am a social worker because I can’t think of the correct word to say then I fumble over it because I have today something because I still work full time. My memory is being affected, work doesn’t know yet but I can tell there are problems. I find myself being incontinent a couple of times out of the blue, no UTI. What job can I do that doesn’t require using me speaking that is in the social work area? I know that this post is written wrong but I can’t figure out the right sentence structure

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Hi @KMH,
Welcome to Connect.
How frustrating to be losing your ability to find the right words. How brave of you to post here on Connect. Thank you! Your message is just fine 🙂

Here is some information about aphasia and tips for coping from the Mayo Clinic http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/aphasia/basics/definition/con-20027061.

I’m tagging @gremeika @marieelise who also posted about aphasia on Connect a few years ago. Perhaps they have some advice to offer.

KMH, do you plan to share your MS diagnosis with your colleagues at work?

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