I had a Liver transplant 5 years ago

Posted by Marion @magrand48, Sep 8, 2015

I have had a had a Liver transplant 5 years ago and now need a kidney transplant. I have no, repeat no energy. Should I expect an energy boost from the kidney transplant? Anyone else have both transplants?

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Hi @magrand48,
Connect members @rosemarya and @wmoser2613 had both a liver and kidner transplant. You can connect with them on this thread https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/liver-transplant-for-primary-biliary-cirrhosis-pbc/

How are you doing today? Are you waiting for a kidney transplant?

Colleen Young
Connect Community Director


@magrand48, I am sorry that I’ve just found this post while I’m reviewing messages today on a quiet afternoon.
I received both liver and kidney, but unlike you, both at the same time. And yes, my energy was restored and I felt better immediately. I know of some others who have had kidney transplants, and their energy came back. Some experienced immediate renewal, and others had some delay due for a variety of reasons. How are you? Are you still waiting? Are you on dialysis? I would love to hear from you. Rosemary

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