LBB, PVC & a heart murmur - together do they pose more risk?

Posted by robot1 @robot1, May 6, 2016

I have found out that I have LBB, PVC, and a heart murmur. I have been told they are all common things to happen to a heart as we age. I am 62 and a female. My question is. Although individually each of these is “common” but altogether do they pose a risk for more serious problems later?

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Welcome @robot1.
Here’s some information on the 3 conditions you mention
Left bundle branch block
Premature ventricular contractions (PVCs)
Heart murmurs

As the articles state, most people with any one of the conditions and an otherwise healthy heart don’t need treatment. Did you ask your cardiologist whether there is an increased risk of problems since you have 3 conditions? I think it’s a good question to ask your provider because even another person with the same 3 conditions may have different degrees of issues.

Of course, healthy living is good for heart health. You may be interested in joining @barbarajane @cynaburst @cynthiamary and @HeartPatches on this thread about healthy eating

How active are you Robot1 and were you given any guidelines about exercise with these conditions?


I agree with Colleen. Did you have an echocardiogram to assess your heart structure? That would seem to be the first step. If your doctor isn’t answering your questions, you can and should get a second opinion. Any teaching hospital in your area would be a great place to start. Murmurs indicate turbulent blood flow, and it would be important for you to understand where yours is coming from.


Thanks for your answers. I was given an echocardiogram. That is how I found out about my issues. I will talk to my cardiologist on Monday. It just seemed a long time until then to find out if they increase my chances of further problems. I am writing questions to ask. Any suggestions?


Hi @robot1,

Did you follow up with your cardiologist regarding the PVCs, heart murmur and left bundle branch block? What did he/she recommend? We look forward to hearing back from you.

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