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i have been told i have macular hole if i don't get [...]

Posted by @suehunter in Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat, Sep 30, 2014

i have been told i have macular hole if i don't get surgery what other options do i have and what will
happen to my vision.


Posted by @klavoy, Nov 20, 2014

I have a macular fold which is making my vision very blurry . Will this get worse in time? I've been told the surgery is not always successful and that one has to keep the head down for some time after surgery. I have had an RK followed by corneal replacement and recently cataract (intraocular lense) surgery in that eye. Could any of these procedures have caused the macular fold?


Posted by @suehunter, Nov 21, 2014

I just went thru this procedure for Macular Hole in my left eye I was
devastated when the eye doctor told me as I knew nothing except hold my head
down for two weeks

I did research and found you can rent a chair and I did , best decision I
made I was able to watch tv and every hour I could get up but head to chin
and eat go to bathroom.

It actually went by fast. My surgery was successful and and i have two more
weeks to go till the gas bubble is gone I returned to work after the two
weeks and all is ok.

The best info I can give you is it is not as stressful as I thought and you
will be fine.

Sue Hunter


Posted by @klavoy, Nov 21, 2014

Thank you Sue. I hope your vision continues to improve. My doctor seems to think my vision isn't bad enough yet to require surgery (20/40 with correction) but I can't read well at all. The fold (hole?) is only in one eye, thankfully. What was your vision like before surgery?


Posted by @jstreed, Nov 21, 2014

Here is a link which might be helpful:


Posted by @klavoy, Nov 21, 2014

Thank you. This information was very helpful.

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