I have a rare blood disorder protien s with factor 2 mutation with Nas

Posted by sharonryanbless @sharonryanbless, Dec 21, 2018

3 yrs ago my life was turned upside down and now this month I was told I have Lyme diseases and now Nash. I’m so numb I have no where to turn

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Hello @sharonryanbless, I apologize for the late response to this post. I moved this post to the Blood Cancers & Disorders group. Sharon, when you say factor 2 mutation, are you talking about a JAK2 mutation, or perhaps a clotting factor mutation?


Justin Mcclanahan I am new to the site and ran across this post while searching for correct group to follow. I have O- RH factor blood type. From what I have been told this type causes clotting disorders. Curious what group to follow? Thank you in advance

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