I get flushing through out my whole body at times

Posted by lexus76767676 @lexus76767676, Feb 25 3:27am

Does anyone else feel this while having PVC or PAC?

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At a middling stage of my most aggressive progression, about three months prior to my first ablation procedure, I found that I sweated more, so if the two are closely related, then......yeah.

I can't be sure, mostly because we all have different genetics and histories, and we're individuals when it comes to any disorder and what eventually works best to manage it, but I think it's probably because of the release of adrenalin, or what the Brits call epinephrine. Or maybe an endorphin or something that makes our peripheral vasculature dilate and that means more heat released. When our skin gets hotter, we feel flushed.


You are not alone in feeling “flushed”. I used to get a warm, flushing sensation right before the tachycardia would start. It would basically be a precursor to getting defibrillated.
It’s hard to describe to anyone who hasn’t experienced it. My EP would give me an inquisitive look when I would describe it.
Since I’ve been on my beta blockers it hasn’t happened much, which tells me they are effective.

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