Long term disabled vet with severe pain. Any tips on exercises?

Posted by trivon @trivon, May 2, 2016

I am a long term disabled vet, that has been bed ridden for about 8 years, and was also on massive doses of methidone, oxies, morphine and even prosac for the nerve damage and endoropathy. I, in the last month went cold turkey off of all of the meds they were giving me, and i am trying everything to get back on my feet, but the pain is so bad some times, that i feel like i am going insain. I do want to say that, I DO NOT WANT TO BE ON ANY PAIN KILLERS EVER AGAIN. I am not sure what types of streaching, and or physical types of things i should be doing. Sorry for the spelling.

I can’t offer you any medical similarities with myself – but I do want to say thank you for your service. Veterans are the greatest heroes on earth. I’m so very sorry this all happened to you and sincerely hope you get the right help here.


Hi @trivon, and welcome to Connect. I’m tagging @gregsr, @19lin, @Robert43DAP and @retairforceman – these members are also disabled veterans who have recently been discussing pain.

I would also suggest reaching out to the Chronic Pain group (https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/pain/). This has been a very active group lately and there are many discussions happening about pain and pain management.

Where are you experiencing the most pain currently?


I too am a disabled vet (Navy). I suffer daily from severe pain. I also have server back pain and am a diabetic who takes insulin. Over the years I questioned all the various meds the VA had me on. I went “cold turkey” as you and no longer take pain meds. What I do takes is medical weed for the nerve pain and PTSD. It has helped me very much. I also include and suggest the use of a warm water pool. Water therapy. What a life send this has been! I wish you the best.

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