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Posted by @ggill in Men's Health, Oct 17, 2012

Trying to figure out how common this condition is among males in the U.S. Does anyone share my condition??? I am looking for support in this manner. It keeps me quite depressed and and it preoccupies my every thought. It never goes away no matter how hard I try.

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Posted by @ulricberard, Oct 20, 2012

Get yourself to a good urologist. Pills, patches and shots are the usual prescriptions depending upon how low your testosterone count might be. Exercise and mental health will also help. Good luck.


Posted by @ggill, Oct 20, 2012

So is it your experience that this symptom is reversible? I assumed that this is not, if beyond years of puberty. I use a topical gel called Androgel by Rx. I only use it for symptoms related to low T, such as fatigue,guard against bone fxs. etc. I am not aware that the lack of puberty characterristics are changeable at this point in my life. I would be overjoyed if this was the case.


Posted by @clay6970, Oct 23, 2012

I have never been told that it is reversible.

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Posted by @ggill, Oct 23, 2012

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Posted by @clay6970, Oct 24, 2012

Well, it can complicate daily life but my wife and I did create and she did give birth to our two wonderful children. The older I get, maintaining an hormonal balance becomes increasingly difficult, however.

Most of all, I would suggest that you/we are "not alone." I am certain that you must have noticed the relatively recent explosion of the "ED" or "T" commercials (mostly, television) aimed primarily at male Baby Boomers. Also, you must have seen or heard that many couples are having great difficulty conceiving. The increase of fertility clinics is ubiquitous. Additionally, I'll bet you know folks who have decided to adopt for whatever reason(s). Finally, our responses to the cards we are dealt is what ultimately defines us so, in the words of our old Roman friends, "don't let the bastards get you down."

So, make the most of your life and try to avoid sermons like this. Lots of us are on the journey with you.


Posted by @drdiuana, Jan 23, 2013

Since 2007 the American Urological Assoc. has recommended Hormonal boosting on men over 40 if needed
Consult a Urologist
It's a rather simple and common matter

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