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Hypo and Hyper thyroid hell!!

Posted by @amtxo1989, May 11, 2018

I have been Hypothyroid for years (diagnoised at 13 I believe and am 29 now) and dealt with all the symptoms that came along with it. Something happened with my body in December. Suddenly I was having panic attacks and chronic anxiety daily along with a stressful tension feeling in my chest area daily along with full body awful aches and pains, jittery, internal shakes, unwanted anxious energy, really really cold than really warm like hot skin. Admitted to hopsital 5 times during 2 month period for all those symptoms. Had countless and endless blood work done looking for anything and everything and even had a MRI and EEG done. Oh and about 8 EKGS. The only thing that showed was that I was Hypo AND HYPER. ..which is impossible right? Finally found a good Endo who said iam primarily Hypothyroid but I also have Graves disease. He did not say what ive been experiencing is from the thyroid malfunction, though I was feeling in perfect health for years before all this and my labs have never showed any Graves. Any advice??


Hi @amtxo1989,

Switching between hypo- and hyperthyroidism is more common than we think.. Here's a Mayo Clinic news item with more information:
Both hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can be caused by autoimmune diseases, and symptoms wax and wane based on the type of antibodies that your body develops. Some antibodies may indicate Grave’s disease (a form of hyperthyroidism), after some time the antibodies may trigger Hashimoto thyroiditis (a form of hypothyroidism).

I'd like to introduce you to a few Connect members who've shared their experiences about both these conditions. Please meet @amy75g, @rosesareredmylove2016, @sebley12, @mswanda, @darlia, @crystalgal, @kyjeanne, @taterjoy, @michellecrcrn, @jillnc, @plshelpmyfatigue, @coloradogirl.

Here are some discussion you might wish to go through:
– High TSH and High T3
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@amtxo1989, what are the next steps in treating your symptoms? Have you taken any medications for thyroid problems?

I went through similar situation. ER a few times, ekg fine. Follow up with dr, my tsh , t3 and t4 low, low vitamin d too. I switched to armour, that didn’t work. Then I tried compounding with t3 added. Was doing ok, but still had symptoms. Now I’m on tirosint, which doesn’t have fillers or dyes
I suggest having your vitamin d checked, iron too. And have all your sex hormones checked. As we age, our hormones decrease which can impact thyroid levels.
Also, with Lyme disease on the rise, would be good to be checked as well.

I had half my thyroid removed years ago. I have never taken drugs for it as it’s alwsys tested normal. I now am having all the symptoms of hypothyroid. But it’s still testing normal. Can that be? I think I need to be on something.

Hi, @schalfen — welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I've merged your post with this previous discussion touching on hypothyroidism so that you can meet other members who've talked about similar issues. Hoping @amtxo1989 @michellecrcrn @rosesareredmylove2016 @sebley12 and @darlia might have thoughts on your situation with the previous partial thyroid removal years ago and now having hypothyroid symptoms despite testing normal. @gailb and @hopeful33250 may also have some insights for you.

This information from Mayo Clinic may be helpful:

What type of symptoms are you having currently, @schalfen?

High Blood Pessure, Tingling feet. Ringing in the ears. Thinning hair.

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