Posted by ugyenp @ugyenp, Oct 31, 2022

Before Covid vaccine I take losartant 25 mg after 2 dose and two booster dose I had some chess pain and Mr doctor suspected me blockage and I was asked to do angiography and my report was normal and I am told to take metoprolol and Asomex 5 mg after two weeks my leg got solen and doctor told me to stop Asomex and again prescribe me metoprolol and tezloc 40 as I have minor ches pain and now after two months am having some pain on left shoulder, chess pain which is increasing day by with day with some minor abdominal pain and here in our country we have only two cardiology and not getting appointment to set their advise as they work in government hospital and we don’t have private hospital here so am badly in need of advise, that what should I do now it is very difficult for me to get other country currency to go for further treatment to other country our government gives us free treatment but have to get routed through those specialists recommendation and not getting appointment with them please help me in this matter

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Hello @ugyenp and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I can tell you are growing more and more concerned, which is likely not helping your situation anymore. Having to wait to be routed to the specialists you may need must be trying as well.

Is there any way for you to be prioritized in the system you are in?

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