HPylori Bacteria

Posted by meheidli @meheidli, Aug 30, 2016

How do you prevent this bacteria from coming back after taking the required medication?

Welcome to Connect @medheidli! Good for you for being proactive and wanting to prevent a recurrence of H pylori.
According to Healthy Communities.com “Helicobacter pylori bacteria are present in contaminated food and water. Therefore, it is important to avoid these sources (e.g., floodwater, raw sewage.) Washing the hands thoroughly with warm soapy water after using the restroom and before eating also may help prevent infection. Eating utensils and drinking glasses should never be shared, since the bacteria can be spread through saliva.” http://www.healthcommunities.com/helicobacter-pylori-infection/prevention.shtml

Please meet fellow Connect members who have experience with H pylori @yyyy, @diane2444, and @kamuela. You may also be interested in reading this discussion https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/hello-i-was-treated-for-h-pylori-by/

Heidli – Do you suspect the infection has returned? Have you had a follow-up?

I had H-pylori.. caught it somewhere traveling to third world countries a year ago.. It is horrible.. But as bad as it is, this infection actually saved my life. The GI Dr. I saw performed a Colonopscopy along with the Endoscopy and found a precancerous ulcer in my Cecum. Which is rare to catch early. Cecum cancer shows no systems till it is too far gone.
So as much as i hate h-pylori . I have to love it too. In my case it actually saved my life. ☺

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