How to tell if a Hemangioma has been treated succesfully

Posted by jordan52 @jordan52, Jun 14, 2016

Good day to everyone, I am not sure about the question I have so I joined this group. I would appreciate any response or assistance from anyone. My question is I am a 37 year old male that recently had a surgery to treat a Hemangioma on my lower lip, it was successful but after 2 months I feel that it is still there,I mean when I touch it there is some sort of hard mass although I feel no pain, it is kind of bothering and my lip is not proportion as before. Also after the operation the purple color on my lips has disappeared.

I am wondering is that a normal healing from the surgery and/or I do not want to have a surgery again, is there another way to treat this if i is still there?

Thank you again.

Hi @jordan52. Welcome to Connect! We’re so glad to have you here. I’m not a medical professional, so I can’t provide specific advice, but I wonder if this mass is more like a scar from the surgery. Does it look/feel like the previous hemangioma? Have you asked your doctor about it? If it concerns or bothers you, it’s worth asking. Here is some information about treatment options from The Hemangioma Treatment Foundation: Do you know if the used a laser or surgery?

I’m tagging @cobs, @drdung86 and @donna38 who have posted about hemangiomas. Though they were not in the same place, they may be able to provide some insights. Also, I wanted to let you know i’m going to move your post to the Skin Health group since that’s probably the most relevant group.

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