How to manage depression during COVID19 age?

Posted by aliali @aliali, Apr 25, 2020

My depression is well managed by meeting friends and going to the gym. During quarantine hours, I can do neither which is truly terrible for me. My mood gets really low; my body gets really out of energy. One of the ideas I am considering is preparing a cold-water jacuzzi at home. My depression is well managed by immersing my body in cold water. I am also looking forward to hearing from you. I feel my goals are unachievable during COVID19 age; I need a good mood to achieve my goals. When I exercise at home, I feel better mood. But getting out of home, even to the street, has some positive effect on me. Please help me. You may need to know that I am living in Saudi Arabia. The quarantine hours here are from 5 pm to 9 am.

@aliali I’m wondering how you’re doing. Do the cold-water jacuzzis help? Are you able to get outside for any walks? We’ve all had to put our goals and relationships on hold during this to,e, but hopefully, they will wait for us. Please take care of yourself


I have watched soo many things on Netflix. What have you watched? I think the first thing I watched was Mid Wives. I really like that show. I have seen some episodes over again. I feel as if I know the Midwives.

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@woogie, Glad that your grandson and family are safe although their losses because of flooding in their home must add so much more stress during these times. Please give your grandson from me, a big thank you for his military service…another of my favorite groups of true heroes. So hard for the family dealing with bone cancer but I am glad she is under the great care of the Mayo Clinic. Do you live close enough to see your family regularly during more normal times? I've really enjoyed the Mid Wives series, too. I've watched it on our PBS channel. Interesting how the series has progressed through several decades of social change and still remains pertinent. My Netflix favorites are mysteries, especially British ones.


@zep Yes those MONSTER HORNETS are pretty scary. My husband has different ideas about this Covid-19. He thinks every one will get it eventually. Maybe it won't be bad like it is now. I don't believe him. I hate to complain, but he thinks the mask does no good. And I know he can't understand why he can't be in my room after my surgery. I fill it's for safety reason, he could bring the virus into me after coming in and out of Mayo Hospital. It's all for our safety. But he's a good guy, and does so much for me.

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Can you find hobby as sewing or try coloring books for adults to help pass the time. I have been trying to do this which helps. Making mask for those s who need them, one draw back I’m on my feet too much need to sit n sew as kness are in a lot of pain have a great day

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