How to deal with complex family problems ?

Posted by engidaaraya @engidaaraya, Mar 26 9:21am

My wife is showing irritation, anger, depression , loneliness and raise separation. Compounded to this our elder son develops depression, fear, anxiety and he writes non-sense words on laptop. I am also a victim of similar problem-I can't sleep, I can't concentrate, I do feel commuting suicide. Besides the problem with my family, I can't cope up with the economic difficulties I am facing. What shall I do? What can you help me to do?

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@engidaaraya, you have a lot going on. In my opinion, you need to look after yourself first. I encourage to look up "My Help Navigator" It is a social care network that connects people and programs — making it easy for people to find social services in their communities. You will find free and low cost help in your area.

Here's the link to My Help Navigator:

The first service I suggest you find is a social worker. A social work can help coordinate services for you and your family. Do you live in the US?

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