How quickly can I get a appointment at Mayo for DBS?

Posted by buffdave @buffdavqwertyuiop, Apr 5, 2021

Evaluated and cleared for bilateral GPi late last year in Buffalo for DBS. With buffalo only having one DBS neurosurgeon and with only a couple years practical experience and COVID-19 happening in a winter climate I felt better to go to a center of excellence in southern Florida. In early December we packed up and drove to Fort Lauderdale and rented a condo until the end of April. I called two hospitals in southern Florida in December and my medical records sent to both. Neither hospital would schedule an appointment for me even though I already had Medicare insurance, they needed my supplemental insurance to click in on January 1. Finally in February I get to see the neurologist And zoomed my cognitive exam I was told I would have a decision from the team two weeks ago. Get called to go back into the neurologist office because he forgot to video my on time but tells me I am a good candidate and can expect my surgery in 2 to 3 weeks. When I didn’t hear from them I called them back and told I need to have a appointment scheduled with the neurosurgeon next.

Sorry I have no energy left.

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Hi, @buffdavqwertyuiop. I am sorry to hear of your struggles this past year.

You may use the contact information on this form to request an appointment at Mayo Clinic They will review your medical records and history, and discuss with you treatment options.

Will you please update with your progress?

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