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How long will depression last?

Posted by @klaren, Jun 29, 2012

Realized I had depression some 5 years ago (mid-40s), but could have had it longer. 100mg of Zoloft removed the constant “greyness” and heaviness. Just heard the term “episodes”. Will I be going thru these periods for the rest of my life? The guilt, the preoccupation with death, the tension, the emotional outbursts, the sleeping (12-14 hrs. day), the energy it takes to act normal. The last 3 months have been really good. Back to normal for the first time in a long time. Can it last? At what point can I know that I am me again? Does anyone ever conquer this thing that changes your entire personality?

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Posted by @amberpep, Jul 3, 2012

This is something you may want to discuss with your Mental Health Provider. For a lot of people, it’s a life long illness, being essentially both genetic and environmental, and for some it is pure environmental and passes when the difficulty is over. For me, with the background I have, it’s most likely the combination of both – genetics and environmental. It was diagnosed about 18 years ago. Now it seems I’ve got Cyclothymia – which is a milder form of Bi-polar disorder, finally diagnosed just 2 weeks ago.


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Posted by @friedel, Aug 29, 2012

I am bipolar since 1955; misdiagnosed until 1972; taking lithium constantly with hospitalizayion periods. In 2005, signs of depression. Given Zoloft; no results but terrible side effects: tremlor of left hand indicating possible Parkisonism (was sideffect of med) Furthermore constipation (sideffect) which lead to a positive end: colonoscopy. removal of benign growts, no cancer detected.


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Posted by @roxie43, Jul 4, 2012

It depends on the severity of the illness; single episode or recurrent mild, major, severe and chronic.
Treatment is important and being in remission does happen. Just enjoy the good times.


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Posted by @jeffishere, Jul 5, 2012

Dear Klaren,
It can last! But you need to be proactive!
Now that you are feeling good try to implement healthy lifestyle changes to make sure if you start to feel blue, which everyone does, it won’t progress to depression. Start exercising! Don’t sleep too much, 8 hours is perfect! Learn mediation, yoga, laughter yoga, or TiaChi. Get off sugar and maybe caffeine. Eat healthy!
Try forgiveness therapy. Volunteer to help someone. Get a dog and walk her twice a day. Get out of unhealthy relationships. Don’t watch the news. Focus on the positive. Hug people. Sing. Dance. Move. Smile, even when you dont feel like it. Smiling releases Endorphins, natural pain killers and Serotonin. Remembering something happy from the past and visualizing a happy event in the future also does this.
All these things give us a happy, full life. We will still feel blue sometimes, but hopefully wont need meds.
I wish you all the best, from one former “depressed person who was taking Zoloft” to another!


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Posted by @china, Jul 6, 2012

u know yourself better than any1. Feeling good is awesome so enjoy. Agree talk to therapst about questions. I been depressed for 10 years with good and ugly days.

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