How long does it take to get accepted to Scottsdale location?

Posted by James E Bruce @arlenephoto, Dec 23, 2018

Lewy Body Dementia-Parkinsons, my husband is spiraling downhill faster than I thought the disease would allow a normal life….

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So sorry to hear this

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My understanding and experience is that you can self-refer, and the appointment scheduler will resolve the appointment date, so there is no formal acceptance. I suggest giving them a call. This was my experience dealing with the clinic in Rochester.


Hi @arlenephoto,
I moved your message to the Visiting Mayo Clinic group ( Has your husband been referred to Mayo Clinic Arizona by a physician? As @elwooodsdad says, you can also self-refer by submitting the online form or calling Mayo in Arizona. Here's the contact information

The schedulers can give you a better idea of how long it might take before getting an appointment. It depends on many factors.

You mentioned that your husbands condition is worsening. How are you holding up?

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