How do you add exercise into your daily routine?

Posted by Laurie, Volunteer Mentor @roch, Mar 19 5:18pm

When starting a weight loss journey, everyone strives to be more active. Many of us are dealing with physical limitations and some with fact we have not exercised in years. It is hard. It is easy to get discouraged if get tired fast, joints hurt, get out of breath, have mobility issues, etc…

When I was going thru pre-surgery classes, the dietitian told us about lady who would hang her clothes out one piece at time, back and forth to house. That is how she got her exercise. Or another person who was so proud when she could walk down her driveway to her mail box and back. Only people who have suffered with their weight and mobility would understand how exciting it would be to go get their mail.

Exercise does not always have to be going to a health club.

One thing I do is always park at end of parking lot and walk little farther to store / clinic or whatever. Has very little impact on my day, increases my walking and I probably have fewer door dings by parking away from everyone else.

Please share what little things you do to add exercise into your daily routine.

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