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Horrible leg pain with fibromyalgia

Posted by @fearless, Jun 6, 2012

Lately, I have been having terrible leg pains I think are associated with my fibromyalgia. Has anyone else experienced this? Also, because of my pain and fatigue I am unable to lose weight which is another downer on top of everything else. Any suggestions for that? I really am feeling rather defeated lately by fibromyalgia and my depression all tied into one.



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Posted by @timc, Jul 2, 2012

A few things– take 15 minutes bath soaks with about 1 to 1 1/2 cups of epsom salt. Get a hand held massager and massage your legs daily with it. Try biofreeze or a similiar product and apply to your legs. I am a lic. massage therapist certified in medical massage. Glad to answer questions relating to fibeomyalgia.


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Posted by @useless, Jul 3, 2012

How can you soak every 15 minutes? You would be in the tub all day every day

Deborah V

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Posted by @deborahv, Sep 4, 2012

hi i have used the epsom salt bath tub soaks. the baths do help with the leg cramps and stiffness. i try to do it once a day. not each 15 min all day long but 15 minutes once a day.
i dont find that it helps all the time.
stretching helps and i also use tizazidine for muscle spasms which help my legs very much. for me my legs seem to be the worst part of the pain
also the gastro part of the spasms which i didnt know was part of the fibromyalgia until i went for a consult at cleveland clinic.
i wish i would have chosen mayo clinic.
at that time i just chose who was closest and didnt know that may clinic had so much more information about the illness


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Posted by @mgriffin44, Oct 24, 2012

try taking one tylenol and one ibprofren together it is like a muscle relaxer

Chris J

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Posted by @chrisj1, Nov 13, 2012

I was resently diagnosed with Fibro. I had been told I’ve had it for about 15 years but would not except that I did. I also have degenerative disk desease, OA, and Depression. I too suffer from bad leg cramps, pain, heaviness in my legs from the Febro. I get bad head aches and depression from all of the above. I went to a new Doc last week. So nice. He explained everything and I now know I definetly have Fibro. He added a new medication that has really help with the Fibro pain called Tramadol. I am now taking a combination of Vicodin for the OA and other pain issues I have and Tramadol for Fibro, Cymbalta for pain from Fibro and depression, Clonazepam for aniexty and Ambien to sleep. I am also stretching, trying to be more active and doing a lot of self talk. I too will be happy to take any other suggestions anyone has. I hope this helps you to know you are not alone.

edria ragosin

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Posted by @edriaragosin, Sep 10, 2013

Try a daily walking program . Start slow and build up speed and miles. That has helped me lose weight along with cutting down portion size.
I have just developed severe pain in one knee. Waiting to hear from doctor re: procedures to follow such as PT or x-ray. I hope all these other pains are just part of the Fibro. Rather have that than a more serious condition. Keep on keeping on!

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