Hope: Starting Calmare scrambler therapy

Posted by sprinrosa64 @sprinrosa64, Dec 5, 2022

It;s been just over 5yrs since my TKR and I have been in terrible pain since. I am told it's due to nerve condition or damage and I have tried everything so I thought , well today I will be start Calmare scrambler therapy. I have done my research and am praying this is my answer . I will keep you posted as to the outcome

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My Report on the Calmaire therapy: I actually found a provider of this electronic therapy just a few miles from my home. Apparently there are no others within 100 miles. This was at the Hartford Healthcare Pain Clinic in West Hartford, CT. I was told that typically patients know within 3 treatments of 1 hour each, if it will work for them. So I made 3 appointments on a Monday – Wednesday. After the first 2 in which the technician applied the 4 sets (of 2) electrode patches in different places (2 on the lower back and 2 on the lower legs. (I have neuropathy in the feet and lower legs and some in the lower back due to an accident years ago.) During the therapy I just read a magazine and felt nothing. Afterward I felt slightly different, not better or worse, just sort a more normal feeling at times. After the 2nd day I felt nothing different or noticable. On the 3rd day I sensed that the technician was looking to find some location or voltage level that would help me. She didn't say this but she placed the lower electrodes on the top and bottom of my feet and the other set on my legs. She also turned the power up to 70% from about 65% the day before. I felt nothing during the treatment again. But the next day, about mid-morning I began to feel some pain in my feet, especially on the soles. By the end of the day I could feel that my neuropathy was considerably worse. Unfortunatly it has remained worse by 20 to 30% and it has been over 2 weeks ago now that I had the last treatment. We have to realize that everyone reacts differently to many drugs and therapies but I wanted everyone to know that the Calmaire Scrambler is capable of making neuropathy worse!


I had 12 sessions for my head and face due to PHN and there was no relief . All I had was a receipt for the therapy ,


Thanks to each of you who have shared your experiences
It’s so helpful to hear genuine


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Have you been offered this therapy by your neurologist?

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I had my 1st. of 16 treatments today. Will have 5 a week. Excited, Yes. I will update next Monday!

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