Hollow echo distortion in ear? Scared

Posted by lissas @lissas, Mar 17 6:15am

What is this metallic echo.. hollow in my head?
My ear sounds like there’s a actual hollow in my head. Like it’s a metal bucket. There’s a metallic echo to my own footsteps, tapping teeth, tapping head, male voices, bass sounds.
Anyone else heard of this? It’s really frightening to have this develop after a noise damage. ENT has no clue. Please tell me others experience this or know what it is? Thanks!

…just to say the ent phoned me and was in such a bad mood I didn't even get chance to ask him about the echo along with pain, fullness, pressure, numbness: I think he is under a lot of pressure right now with covid and only 2 ent's for 54,000 plus people…. however, he was also yelling at me and comparing my issue to his patients with cancer, needing operations etc., so am on my own again. I think best thing to do is check symptoms on line and go to a clinic or teaching hospital that deals specifically with inner ear issues…. hope you got some help by now, I haven't…. but cant travel out of town. Thats the problem living in a smaller community. My ears are so bad today can hardly stand it, plus new illness: possible Vertigo…. no wonder I get depressed! Take care and, again, hope you have found some help, sometimes we have to dig deep to find answers and my shovel is wearing out! J.


Can sympathize to an extend; had tinnitus years ago but wasnt as bad, gradually got worse along with pain in both rears mainly right; sometimes echo when i speak or hear, but mainly speak, pressure lie ears/head in a vice, along with clear stringy mucous from right nose! Could bear it more if not so many other illnesses. Just a quick internet search i think i saw that echo or hearing out of sync can happen… all i can figure out about the pressure is the eustachian tubes and am sure i spelled that wrong. anyway ENT doing a PHONE INTERIVIEW next week, hope has a diagnosis if not cure but would of course like it all to go away! Slight hearing loss but make up for it by turning tv up etc., but can also hear a pin drop a mile away

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..having a bit of a flareup this morning, tinnitus has been so bad, louder, longer, all night, entsaid cant do anything plus pain in both ears, said same thing… also jaw pain and back of neck… usually can control it but awake since 4 and lots of stress in our household this week, sick dog, husband recuperating from heart surgry lst nov and having issues and me, well if youread about me i have many issues including bowel, ibs fecal incontinencne pn etc etcc etc but this morning is very bad but what to do?? no point gong to emerge… have no family dr and spoke to clinic dr on line yesterday about going back on antidepressants but how to cope right now i am not sure… took tylenol but want to take advil but will make tinnitus worse, am a sad sack today and although most days are "bad" this is really horrid… got warm packs on back of neck around ears and on behind… now teeth chattering, think thats anxiety… wish me luck freinds… J.


@lissas sorry about your anxiety with regards to the echo sounds. I have tinnitus. It causes many different sounds in my head/brain. At one point I had what you describe where low voices have an echo. Other low tone sounds caused a rolling echo akin to a rumble that took a day before it receded. This echo thing disappeared after a number of months. Now, several years later I do get the echo occasionally but it mostly vanishes after a a day or two. I think it’s all part of tinnitus and the doctor can’t help because nobody can help tinnitus suffers with their myriad of brain noises. Hope you are feeling better now.


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