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Hollow echo distortion in ear? Scared

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Yes the steroids helped only a few days because, as I understand it, steroids are anti inflammatory. So my distortion is likely caused by too much pressure in my cochlea. The steroids reduced inflammation, pressure came down, my hearing returned to normal. But steroids, like aspirin, wear off after a while and the pressure returned. So I’m trying to figure out what’s causing the excessive pressure. I got the steroid treatment about two months after this started. I do have the distortion now, and I can feel fullness or pressure in my ear. It doesn’t sound like a hollow echo to me, but it’s similar. The fact that steroids fixed my hearing also gives me naive hope that the hair cells aren’t dead, just stuck in a pressure chamber in my cochlea. Have you tried the transtympanic steroids yet? It’s a little risky because they make a hole in your eardrum which usually heals fine but in rare cases does not. If steroids into your inner ear help, it might give you insight to what’s happening.

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Can sympathize to an extend; had tinnitus years ago but wasnt as bad, gradually got worse along with pain in both rears mainly right; sometimes echo when i speak or hear, but mainly speak, pressure lie ears/head in a vice, along with clear stringy mucous from right nose! Could bear it more if not so many other illnesses. Just a quick internet search i think i saw that echo or hearing out of sync can happen… all i can figure out about the pressure is the eustachian tubes and am sure i spelled that wrong. anyway ENT doing a PHONE INTERIVIEW next week, hope has a diagnosis if not cure but would of course like it all to go away! Slight hearing loss but make up for it by turning tv up etc., but can also hear a pin drop a mile away