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Holding on by a thread

Posted by @pamm, Thu, Jan 24 5:54am

Can anyone help me with suggesting a very good inpatient health and mental health facility in the Phoenix area? I don't know how much longer I can hold on. My insurance is not the best, and I hate so much that my life is based on that. I have BCBS Advantage, and money saved to help.



I'm sorry to read how you are feeling right now. I recommend that you go to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale and ask for help there. I'm sure if they can't help you there directly, they will be able to recommend a good mental health facility for you. I'm not a medical professional, but it sounds like you need to go as soon as possible today. Your insurance coverage is not a problem as hospitals must help you regardless.

Are you having thoughts of harming yourself or others? If you feel safe doing so, please help me understand more about your situation and how you got to this point. Are you taking any medications, and if so, what are they?

I'm so thankful you have asked for assistance finding help right now. Feel safe and go to the clinic as I have recommended. If you are feeling that you may harm yourself or others,go directly to the Emergency Room at Mayo in Scottsdale. Please let us know how things go today. Gentle hugs to you.


How are you doing? Have you been able to get help locally? Please let me know.

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If you are worried about insurance coverage, maybe you can call them to suggest places that are covered. Often they have searches on their website too. I wish I could help suggest good local places but I'm not from your area. Google sometimes has reviews. I've also used a site called Health Grades ( and I found my extremely good therapist on Psychology Today ( Good luck on finding help and I wish you the best!

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