High WBC and platelet count

Posted by eoconner @eoconner, Mar 10 3:51pm

Hi i've had a high WBC every time i've been to the doctor. and in november last year i as hospitalized for having a wbc of 25 when it's supposed to be at the highest like 10. i'm going to a blood doctor but they are literally treating it like they couldn't care less that they have no idea why it's so high. look i'm glad they ruled out cancer that's great but they still have no idea why my platelet count and WBC is so high. last time it as taken it was 17 which was on friday and i didn't have a fever. and before that it was 13 and 14. when i as at the hospital they could only tell me it wasn't due to an infection. what do i do to have the doctor take my concerns seriously?

I just saw my hematologist today. i officially have antithrombin 3 deficiency and if i'm understanding right i also have protein s deficiency *sarcastic huzzah* i will likely be on blood thinners for the rest of my life. *sarcastic huzzah* no word on the wbc though.

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