High eye pressure around 38 .Could bowel movement staining cause this?

Posted by invstigter @invstigter, Jan 6 7:41pm

I'm trying to get some real answers before I have the operation for Glaucoma.

I definitely do have Cataracts and need surgery for that. My eye doctor has found high pressure in both my eyes. My left eye went from 26 to 34 in 6 weeks. My right eye went from 28 to 38 in the 6 weeks. Yes, I understand that is high pressure, but putting a stent in each eye to relieve pressure I am not sure if he should so soon. He is telling my I'm going blind and I need to ASAP. He prescribed me eye drops but it has way too many side effects and did not use them. The reason why I'll explain below.

A little history: since I was a child, I've always have had a hard time pooping. As an adult at 64, I still have that problem. I have had to strain so hard to get it out I even have felt like passing out. I even feel the pressure in my head and eyes in the past straining.

Since I have found out I have Glaucoma, I went on a stool softener and MiraLAX and my pooping is finally normal. it's been 6 days and my problem is under control. I wish I would have tried this a long time ago.

What I need to know is since I'm not straining anymore, I'm thinking that the pressure in my eyes may go back to normal in time and the eye stent he wants to put in will just be a waste of a procedure to have done. Do you think I should hold off for a little while and see if the pressure goes back to normal?

I have no family history of Glaucoma in my family. My eyes have always been healthy 20/20 my whole life. Cataracts is in the family.

I wanted to wait a month or so before the surgery and get retested to see if the pressure had gone to safe levels, but he doesn't think I should.

What do you think?

Thank You!

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