Treating Osteoporosis

Posted by heritage1955 @heritage1955, Apr 1, 2016

Hi. I’m new to the site and am interested in treating osteoperosis. I’m 39 yo and recently had a bone density that showed I’m at -2.4. So, going through the intial “I can’t believe it” stuff. 🙂

It is so helpful to hear from people experiencing osteoporosis and learning about options. My doctor has recommended Zometa infusions. Does anyone have experience with this? I know there are side effects to consider. At this time I am leaning toward getting the infusions. From the reading I have done this option supposedly can result in 70% fewer vertebral fractures and 41% fewer hip fractures. Now to balance tis against the side effects.
Thanks for any help, Denise


Good evening @kstoller22, Welcome to Connect. I was so glad to see you telling us that you are new on this path. If you are speaking about the world of osteoporosis and all of its options and afflictions, we are all sort of new to this part of the aging process. Remember though that as we keep pushing the aging envelope higher and higher, we run into more and more of our body parts that encounter some roadblocks, and others that just need a lot of help from the food we eat and the exercises we do in hopes that we are doing our best to live a healthy life, rich on the quality side with family, friends, activities, and experiences and attentive on the quantity side to make sure we are doing everything we can to age peacefully and without undue pain and suffering.

As time passes we find that osteoporosis often creeps up and weakens our bones. There are quite a few different strategies to deal with this inadequacy. Some of us are on a natural path. Some of us need help from medications and supportive regimens. What we have been doing for the last few months is trying to get all of us to join together as we encounter different options and choices. It appears that we all will have to make some pretty major decisions. There is no one solution for all. There are medically trained clinicians who will help us learn about osteopenia and then osteoporosis. There are folks on Connect who will share their helpful stories.

What are you considering at this point @kstoller22? Would you be comfortable sharing more of your medical situation and whatever in your life has led you to this point?

May you be safe and protected from inner and outer harm.


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@kstoller22 I like what Chris Trout told you. I just thought I would tell you about my arthritis and weaken bones from osteoporosis. I also welcome you. Because of soft bones and osteoporosis, my Dex just showed Osteopenia, but I have osteoporosis. I had to have a surgery because of degeneration of my spine. It was a back fusion from T-10 to my pelvis, a big surgery. The degeneration from osteoporosis had caused a acoliosis, but also had stenosis in L4 and L5 I am in a brace for now and can't bend, twist, or lift anything over 7 pounds. I'm off of all of my pain medicine and doing pretty good. I still have pain, but I can tolerate it or take 2 tylenol and a muscle relaxant. I'm also on Tymlos, an injection with a very small needle into my stomach to increase my bone mass. I have to use it for 2 years and then go on another one, which I think is an injection every 6 months. I had my 9 hour surgery at Mayo at Rochester MN. I had the best surgeon!!! He was a professor of orthopedic and spinal surgery and had 3 other qualifications. I take calcium citrate too.
I am walking short distances several times a day.. The weather here in Iowa does get hot, but it doesn't bother me. Yesterday was great. I wish you the best. Make sure you get a Dex, but they are not always accurate. If in pain a pain doctor is a good start. I had one that just kept on giving me injections and didn't even mention I could have soft bones or needing surgery. Take care and I will be thinking of you. See a good doctor!

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