Testing to see if I have MS, maybe Lupus

Posted by salena54 @salena54, Apr 27, 2016

Hi. I am on the site for chronic pain. I havent done my MRI yet, I have a months wait ( which is’nt a problem ) to see if I have MS. They thought it was lupus, which they will retest because they said its dificult to dignose. I run fever over 100 every afternoon around 4 are 5 pm. When I get around anyone with a cold I will come down with the worst cold you could imagine, this is’ nt good for me because my husband and I are in the minisrty and Im a Chrisain Counselor. Last month I was sick for three weeks, high fever, blood in kidneys. I do injoy these sights and think they help in have others talk about and share what they go through eac

Hi @salena54. How are you feeling today? I’m tagging a few connect members – @stacy36, @callyrae, @ccorrconro and @emmie – who I bet would be willing to share their personal experiences and provide advice/support.

Keep us posted on the MRI and your condition.

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Today was a good day, its nighttime and it seems thats when the pains worse. I will keep everyone informed whem I get my MRI done, I have a month before its done. Thank you for your post. I really enjoy everyones post. Salena54

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