Hepatitis b

Posted by launica0987 @launica0987, Oct 7 7:28pm

I contracted Hepatitis B from my mother during pregnancy. I grew up in a foster care system where no one bothered to check my status of Hepatitis B. A few days ago, I was having a lot of complications since my liver hurt so badly. Does Hepatitis B get worse if not treated properly?

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I am sorry you have HepB. I have three adopted children with it. What I will tell you is you need to see a doctor who specializes in HebB. There are many different scenarios. For two of my three it is not a big deal- for the third one it is a big deal as she is chronic and contagious. For her, Hep B is a big deal. Get yourself evaluated and help yourself. It wasn’t your fault. Irene5


Thank for the information. 🙏


Thank for the information. 🙏

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To answer your question, Hepatitis B needs to be treated if it doesn't clear on its own. It sounds as though you are now learning that liver damage is one of the long term consequences, and you must now deal with that as well.

One thing I can tell you for sure – if your liver is already damaged, be as careful as you can to avoid further stress on it – especially alcohol, smoking and many medications -either prescription or over the counter also are taxing to the liver. You will probably also find some foods, and possibly caffeine, make you feel worse.

I second @irene5, you need to see an infectious disease specialist who is familiar with chronic Hepatitis B as soon as you can.

Do you have access to medical specialists?

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