Help on treatment for Erythema Multiforme Major

Posted by babyur4me @babyur4me, Sep 28, 2018

Hi I had erythema multiforme , and I was admitted to the hospital for a week. But the actual disease lasted for about 3 weeks . I was treated with multiple pain medications, viscous lidocaine , “ magic” mouth wash, anti inflammatory meds, I also got an iv with nutrients and fluids because I couldn’t eat. Multiple times a day they also treated me with gauze and a prescription type water canister to keep my lips clean and on top of the lidocaine they put Vaseline. And for the rest of my body they gave me a lidocaine ointment . I really hope you’re able to get help I know how excruciating and scary this disease can be .

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thanks for your input. this disease is now affecting his whole body eyes, arms legs back he does go to the ER for hydrating. The attacks are so often now we can't keep up with the out breaks.

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