Help: My mom has been experiencing chest discomfort for 3 years now.

Posted by heyitsyourmd @zelandseki, Nov 8 6:24pm

She already tested normal for an angiogram, but the chest discomfort is persistent. This discomfort sits on the left part of her chest. Recently, she also developed minimal red (rashes?) beneath her skin. We're worried that it may be related to her chest discomfort. She says that the chest pain is not painful, but numbing; saying that her pain is mostly just an irritating pang throughout the day. We went to every doctor available in our area and got medications, but the pain is still persistent. She was also diagnosed with GERD and had an endoscopy: minimal benign polyps were observed and she had to drink certain medications again. She's also a vegetarian. Still, the chest discomfort didn't stop. Please help us.

Note: She was also diagnosed with anxiety and depression a while back but the pain still recurs even if she's genuinely happy most of the time.

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The red rashes could be related to stress and the stress of dealing with this.

I googled rashes a wile back and found that as one answer.

Can the Gerd be causing the chest pain, and, if so, why hasn’t the doctor said that.

Seems that I read that some chest pain could be caused by GERD. Look up chest pain and reasons why…



While you did not specify which meds, nor any specifics about tests, it sounds as if she needs a fresh diagnosis, and another medical team.


Yes, please go to a separate medical team with the old results for reassurance. I have the same problem as your mom. My chest discomfort started after I was diagnosed with heart failure last year (premature). I had an angiogram, ecg, 2d echo. except for some inflammation of the heart (treatable), there was no blockage. However, I became oversensitive to sensations especially on the chest. 2 cards cleared me and told me that what I felt might be side effects of diabetic medicines, muscle pain (of aging) or acid reflux. I get anxious and it gets worst with the anxiety. I think, mom needs to address anxiety after everything is ruled out

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