Dresslers Syndrome, Pericarditis with Fibromyalgia and possible Lupus?

Posted by Allie Sue @alliesue, Apr 14, 2012

I have excruciating attacks in my chest. My heart checks o’kay. No Dr. seems to know what is causing this pain off and on for ten years or so. They say just unknown chest pain. I have learned to bend forward and it helps to relieve the pain. I know the pain is similiar to heart attack. I have been diagnosed with Fibromalyia and going for tests to see if I have Lupus also. My muscles hurt all over, am so fatigued most of the time, have chills and inward fever off and on etc.If there is anyone that has had the Dressler’s Syndrome related to autoimmune disease please reply to me.

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I have. I get these attacks at least monthly, among the numerous “non-specific” painful symptoms. I am beginning to dislike the word, “non-specific”. I know my chest pain is usually pretty intense. The ER docs, treating me like I am lying to them. I have given pain pill rxs back in the ER, even my pills. Just so I could prove I’m not addicted, and what I am experiencing is real. Still no dice. Lupus is on the table for me too, so far the doc has figured out I am iron, vitaminD deficient. I have luekopenia and anemia. Close to a diagnosis, but as of today still working on it. At least my doc is finding clues to follow. Don’t ever give up! A BIG life lesson I have learned. Try, try again. I know. Sounds easier than it really is. Sometimes instead of going “day by day” I have to go hour by hour to gracefully(somewhat) get thru the darkness/nastiness. Another BIG life lesson is know when to reach out and ask for help when you need help, instead of pushing everybody away and acting like a scrooge. I know, hard. My 9 yr old son is exhibiting eerily similar symptoms, too. Since I have fallen chronically ill in October 1, 2007 life has given me many curve balls. Most of them really hurt too! 2007-exboyfriend and father to our daughter; became increasingly abusive. Restraining order, the whole nine-yards. 2009 was the big slam for anxiety and negative feelings. Dec.2009-My Mom passes on. MS since she was 16. I took care of her for eight years. Almost nine. I usually worked where my Mom lived(she had resided in a nursing home since I before I turned 6). I was the one who took her oxygen off so she could pass on, with hospice there. 2 weeks later the ex-abuser asks the court for a PRE. That’s a whole other story. Six months after THAT my good friend(and also my son’s favourite Uncle) died in a freak rollover truck accident. 4 months after that I lose my 4 year old daughter too. The father took off with her. Meanwhile I am broke, chronically my pain is worse, and awaiting disability. I even forgot to go to the doc assigned by Disability. The list just goes on and on. MRSA, Shingles, Surgeries. All the meanwhile trying to find my daughter and limiting the volume of pain relievers I take. I have lost several docs and been down some dark roads, but don’t despair. Repitition of thought. The small things in life, the silver lining is what will change your attitude on life and then your “life flashlight” will be brighter in the ominous darkness. Namaste!


I also have off and on fatigue,pain on shoulder for weeks , my legs hurt most of the day, I used to very active and now it has slowed me down and I get fustard cuz I either have pain or have a migraine, sometimes both want talk reply


Allie Sue, OMG – I hope there is a way for you to get this reply. Your message is screaming familial Mediterranean fever. This condition is almost never diagnosed correctly. The fastest answer will come from a colchicine trial – it is the only definitive “test” for FMF- it is more definitive than genetic tests. No matter your age or your ethnic background – anyone can get this disease even though the medical texts describe a narrowly defined risk group. The fact that your son has symptoms of fibro fits too. It is a cameleon disorder and presents in a variety of ways looking like lupus, fibromylagia, recurrent peritonitis, recurrent pericarditis or pleuritis, recurrent fevers, joint inflammataion with rashes. You have got it Allie Sue and the good news is that it is totally treatable. It is very important that you AND your son get treated to avoid the most serious manifestation of FMF – amyloidosis. It is also important for the time being to order your colchicine from Canada since there are problems for FMF patients from the only brand soldi n the US. Please pop over to the Yahoo.com familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) support group for lots of help. Crossing my fingers for you Allie Sue, Janine


You have described my life since August 2009. I have lupus and was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I experience my chest pain when I lie down flat. Sitting up and leaning forward makes it go away. I have been told the unknown chest pain diagnosis, too. I have been accused of lying because doctors could not find anything wrong or they tell me I’m depressed. I still don’t have diagnosis and I am frustrated, too. I have never heard of Dresslers, though.

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