Help for hearing loss

Posted by rosemh @rosemh, Aug 10, 2020

I have hearing aids and it seems like my right ear suddenly goes dead/dead. I open the battery door to the h/a, the hearing level returns briefly but then my hearing in that ear stops. I’ve had my hearing aid replaced but it’s still happening. I am so frustrated with this situation. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks.

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@rosemh, If your hearing is coming back when you first turn your hearing aids on, then it would seem that the brain is getting the sounds. The hearing aid could be entering an environmental programming mode where it self adjusts based on your location. I would discuss this with your audiologist. If the problem is a result of some adaptive environmental programming, that feature can be disabled. Some audiologists can measure the output of the hearing aid while its in your ear using Real Ear Measurement (REM). Maybe there could still be something going on with your hearing but you need to get an answer. You may need to find a new audiologist. If you get an answer, please share with us, it will help others that have a similar problem.
Tony in Michigan

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