Help - irregular period problem

Posted by swilliams55 @swilliams55, Dec 1, 2017

Hello I’m 18 years old and I have a problem I have all the symtoms to me as pregnancy but I get negative test and my last period was oct7 an than I bleed on the 2 3 of November and my period was on the 4 and I stop I start bleeding on the 29 it was light and brown now it dark blood and it hurts in my low abdominal

I can not imagine the anxiety and fear. I obviously have zero experience in this area, but it sounds like something that absolutely needs a doctors attention. If you don’t have insurance, go to an ER. Even if your symptoms stop, I would still suggest you see a physician because our bodies are usually not trying to fake us out and we need to listen. You are in my prayers.

I went to the doctor vtgey didn’t do or say much I’m so confused tho they just tell me that I’m not pregnant but is not trying to figure out the issue

It sounds like you need a second opinion. As I have already stated, I don’t believe our bodies send us fake signals and what you describe does not sound like something that should not be investigated a bit more thoroughly. As a male, I have no clue as to the commonality or severity of the abnormality, but it doesn’t sound like anything normal.

Hi SWilliams55,
I moved your message to the Women’s Health group. I agree with @gman007. Your issue sounds like you should find a doctor who will help investigate the issue and explain clearly to you what they suspect is happening. Irregular or infrequent periods are not uncommon, and can be related to many things including stress, changes in diet or excessive exercising. It can also be a sign of certain conditions. You may wish to read this article from Mayo Clinic to discuss with your doctor

I don’t know how to feel cause I’m not bleeding anymore but I’m still bloated and I been down lately

I still feel kinda like something wrong

Hi, @swilliams55. That’s frustrating to be still feeling something is wrong. What are your thoughts on getting a second opinion? Did you by chance see a gynecologist?

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