Might have a brain tumor. Should I get a second opinion?

Posted by Karl @Karl, Oct 17, 2015

Hello. Well….I am 52 and found out yesterday that i have something going on in my brain…. The neurosurgeon wasn’t sure, but thought it looked like a Glioma from the MRI. He recommends an open biopsy ASAP to confirm and to allow him to visualize the area. Right now i am in the absorbing stage and looking for suggestions on whether to proceed with him, or immediately assume the worst and escalate to requesting an appointment at Mayo Clinic.


Hi Jackie -Welcome. I am also a brain tumor survivor, though I do not have a glioma. However, I do have a VP shunt. Is that the same kind of shunt you have? Mine is for hydrocephalus caused by my tumor, which was actually an acoustic neuroma.

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Mine was an acoustic neuroma. It was in the CP angle next to the brain stem.

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