Blurred/Hazy Vision Combined with Nerve Pain

Posted by Danielle P @spress, Feb 24, 2015

Hello All!
On October 13, 2014, I presented pain in lower left jaw area. I was referred to an oral surgeon for a possible wisdom tooth extraction. The oral surgeon confirmed extraction of the bottom left wisdom tooth (suggesting taking out all four at the same time). On October 14th, I ended up having all four wisdom teeth removed. I was placed on antibiotics and pain medications. However, I could not hold down any food. I threw up several times dislodging the blood clot. I went back to the oral surgeon and he informed me that I developed dry socket in the lower left wisdom tooth area. I received daily treatment of clove oil at the oral surgeon’s office for five days.

On November 2, 2014, I began to notice a change in my vision. My left eye had begun to get hazy. I figured I had gotten something in my eye, therefore it was irritated. Several days went by and I had no visual improvement.

On November 10, 2014, I saw an optometrist. He performed a basic eye exam, an OCT and visual fields exam. He noticed paleness in the left eye but had no concerns and sent me on my way with no treatment. Two days later I was uneasy, at this point I had begun to have severe pain and headaches. I then got a referral to see a neuro-ophthalmologist (seen on November 13, 2014). The neuro-ophthalmologist performed a series of tests (such as an OCT, visual fields, amsler grids, color vision, near vision). She stated I had eye inflammation and it was possible optic neuritis. I was then instructed to get a brain MRI with and without contrast (MRI procedure was done on November 15, 2014) to see of potential MS. The results came back normal. No lesions were present.

I was then referred to a Rheumatologist (seen on November 25, 2014) to check for any autoimmune disorders. The Rheumatologist performed a large panel of blood work and a chest x-ray. I received a call to meet with the Rheumatologist. I had an office visit on December 8th and he stated that the results were in and everything came back normal. He also stated for the possible optic neuritis he would like for me to have 3 days of IV steroids (solu-medrol). I received IV treatment on December 10-12th, followed by 9 days of prednisone (60mg 3days, 40 mg 3 days and 20 mg 3 days). This treatment did not improve my symptoms.

I was referred back to the neuro-ophthalmologist (seen on January 5, 2015). She requested a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) and a referral to a neurologist. The lumbar puncture procedure was done on January 8, 2015. The results were sent back to the neuro-ophthalmologist and to the new neurologist.

[In the meanwhile, I was still experiencing pain in the lower left jaw area. I followed up with the Oral Surgeon again for a post operation appointment (seen on January 16, 2015). He stated the wisdom teeth extracted areas are healing well and suggested that tooth number 18(lower left tooth) may be fractured. He requested I go back to my general dentist to have a vitality test performed on the tooth/teeth. My general dentist referred me to an Endodontist. On January 19, 2015 I met with an Endodontist, she stated there was major sensitivity in tooth number 18 and would have to go in with a microscope to check/confirm for any tooth fractures because the x-rays did not reveal anything. On February 11, 2015, the Endodontist confirmed a 5ml fracture in tooth number 18 and performed/completed a root canal procedure.]

Waiting on the results of the lumbar puncture and a referral to the neurologist I was seen by a neurologist for a consultation on January 30, 2015. The neurologist reviewed the lumbar puncture results. He suggested possible MS due to a high number of oligoclonal bands. The neurologist ordered some blood work (all results came back normal) and prescribed prednisone.

On January 31, 2015 I started back on the prednisone taking 60 mg daily for 14 days (January 31- February 14th) to now currently tapered down to 40 mg a daily. The neurologist also ordered an MRA and MRI of the cervical spine (the two procedures were completed on February 20, 2015). On, February 23, 2015 the neurologist confirmed that the results from the MRI and MRA both came back normal.
To date, I am currently still in pain and having blurred/ hazy vision. My pain areas are centralized on the left side of my head and include the left side of my scalp, left eye, the area above my left eye, left ear, left jaw and left temple area. I am staying strong but I am very concerned! Does anyone have any advice or suggestions? What should I do at this point?

Oh my, what a terrible series of events. Must be a terrible worry for you and your family. My heart goes out to you. Did the dentist that decided to take your wisdom teeth, have a reason that you were having pain in that particular area?


Oh my, what a terrible series of events. Must be a terrible worry for you and your family. My heart goes out to you. Did the dentist that decided to take your wisdom teeth, have a reason that you were having pain in that particular area?

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It is certainly life altering! I just can’t wait for some answers/help!
Thank you for the kind words! The dentist who did the extraction said it
was beneficial to have the wisdom teeth removed to prevent complications
later on in life and I just went ahead and did the procedure.

are you a Veteran? If so, the VA’s cutting edge of healthcare may be able to help.

I too have had many tests there,only to come up with nothing

Hi @gatorjaws
Welcome to Connect. What health issue are your being tested for?

I came with 3 different issues. Neck pain, Dizziness, and information about coming off the drug Dilantin that I have taken for 16 years now for 2 seizures in 1999. After a multitude of tests for the neck pain and dizziness, I still dont have any answers, however I am leaning towards cervical kyphosis being the cause, that is where the cervical spine loses the natural curve and can curve the opposite way, it then takes the muscles and ligaments with it,,,, I believe it pinched nerves causing the dizziness and very bad muscle spasms going on 7 months now,,, The pinched nerve eased up about a month ago,,,,but still off and on dizziness and muscle spasms,,,,this problem occurred from working many months with too much forward head position at work, and then more forward head position on the computer and texting, ect. the doctors are not telling me this,,,,but thanks to the internet (Like this forum) the information is out there,,,I pushed my body too far working in attic and on top of the roof and the others for a period of months then it happened,,,,I have mild herniated discs that too could be from this,,,The Dilantin has many side effects, 1 being bone lose so osteoporosis was a concern, I had a bone density test and it came back with me having Osteopenia of hip and Spine,,,, so I have to come off or change medications and slow that from turning in Osteoporosis. I am 50 years old,,,,and took for granted of taking care of my body,,,,when your young and feel good most dont think about it,,,I did not…. I hope some day this helps to lead someone in the right direction,,,,I will post more as the results happen. John
Edited Note: The test needed to find out if cervical spine has abnormal curve is an X-ray from the side view.

Thanks John. For one, your post made me sit up straighter. That’s a one positive outcome of your sharing. I’m in the same age group as you and have always taken my body’s health for granted. So now I have to learn self care as health issues come up. Sharing experiences on forums like this helps not only oneself but also others. Thank you.

I will be interested to hear about your updates as results come in. Do you already have an X-ray appointment?

My 1st x-ray was in 1994 after hurting neck the 1st time it showed the Cervical Kyphosis,,,but it body healed ok from that (Good thing no health Insurance then) or internet to research, I did not fully understand/comprehend it in 1994,,,,fast forward to 2015,,,,,this time not so fortunate,,,,Ive done x-rays and 2 MRI’s,,,,and shows some spinal stenosis too,,,,,but the sharp pain has finally gone,,,,and I believe what I am feeling is mostly muscle/tendon related,,, but that is a chronic duller type pain,,,,,so lots of work to do,,,, the pain is so bad I have consulted with neurosurgeon but he does not recommend surgery,,,, there are stretching exercises to help and regain curve,,,some very helpful videos on youtube,,,,search terms are Military Neck,Text Neck,Kyphosis,Cervical Kyphosis,,,,I dont reccomend anyone with this problem jump into spinal manipulation from a chiropractor,,,this is not the time to be pulled on or twisted,,,,rather many show a techniques of head position to put the natural curve back,,, but this takes a while to get back,

Just uploaded a picture of cervical spine curving the wrong way,,,see my profile picture

There are quite a few videos using the search terms you recommend. How did you decide which was from a reputable source? I’m always cautious with advice about the neck.

That is always a good question, In this condition dont do anything that is bringing about pain, the solution that I believe is correct is a gradual approach, as this is the same way the problem starts, its not a matter of bending ones head back in place in 5 minutes,,,,it took alot of time (without the person knowing) to get into this condition,,,,,so takes time to restore the curve

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