Heavy period 11 year old

Posted by momla @momla, Apr 20, 2021

It's not your regular ‘heavy’ period. My daughter has undergone multiple blood transfusions for a period she's been having for almost two months. Her hemoglobin level was a 2 last month. She's taking hormonal pills right now, that's what they prescribed but it's not helping much. I have called and made another appointment for next month. Has anyone encountered this type of problem, what did you do? I'm frustrated

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@momla That is so young to be dealing with serious woman issues.

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Next month is a long time to wait for her next appointment. Have you considered getting a second opinion?


I’m so sorry for you and your daughter!
A Hgb of 2 is dangerously low.
Has she had any tests done to see if she has a bleeding disorder? Ultrasound or other test? Is she seeing a GYN? Hematologist?
I agree that next month is not soon enough to follow up, especially if hormonal pills are not helping much.
Consider a second opinion at once!
If possible at a university medical center.


Check to see if somehow child is getting too much vitamin E.


Welcome, @octomar1. There is some evidence that vitamin E can help reduce menstrual cramping (dysmenorrhea) and possibly lighten heavy menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia). But, as they say; too much of a good thing may not be good. What experience have you had with too much vitamin E? Can you elaborate?

@momla, how are you and your daughter doing?


Sounds like the same experience my granddaughter had & her Mom discovered she was chewing her oral vitamins & ( gummi type) & taking too many Vit E which made her periods longer & heavy. ( that was after abt 2 mo. Of trying to find out why). Hope this helps


I experienced very heavy periods and pelvic pain within a year or two of getting my period. In my case it turned out to be endometriosis. At that time, endometriosis was considered a "career woman's disease" – meaning they thought it was due to delaying pregnancy. It is now understood that endometriosis can occur immediately upon puberty.

In any case, birth control pills or implants should reduce the flow if the problem is endometriosis or hormonal imbalance. BC is not a cure, nor is it an approved diagnostic technique – but it might provide a clue as to the cause (if it works) as well as reduce her flow.

Hoping you have found some help since the original posting is from April…

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