Heavy period 11 year old

Posted by momla @momla, Apr 20 11:34am

It's not your regular ‘heavy’ period. My daughter has undergone multiple blood transfusions for a period she's been having for almost two months. Her hemoglobin level was a 2 last month. She's taking hormonal pills right now, that's what they prescribed but it's not helping much. I have called and made another appointment for next month. Has anyone encountered this type of problem, what did you do? I'm frustrated

@momla That is so young to be dealing with serious woman issues.

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Next month is a long time to wait for her next appointment. Have you considered getting a second opinion?


I’m so sorry for you and your daughter!
A Hgb of 2 is dangerously low.
Has she had any tests done to see if she has a bleeding disorder? Ultrasound or other test? Is she seeing a GYN? Hematologist?
I agree that next month is not soon enough to follow up, especially if hormonal pills are not helping much.
Consider a second opinion at once!
If possible at a university medical center.


Check to see if somehow child is getting too much vitamin E.


Welcome, @octomar1. There is some evidence that vitamin E can help reduce menstrual cramping (dysmenorrhea) and possibly lighten heavy menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia). But, as they say; too much of a good thing may not be good. What experience have you had with too much vitamin E? Can you elaborate?

@momla, how are you and your daughter doing?


Sounds like the same experience my granddaughter had & her Mom discovered she was chewing her oral vitamins & ( gummi type) & taking too many Vit E which made her periods longer & heavy. ( that was after abt 2 mo. Of trying to find out why). Hope this helps

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