Heart Rhythm Episodes

Posted by jayhawk57 @jayhawk57, Tue, Jul 30 12:42pm

Hello! I'm looking for feedback and any information on anyone who has episodes of excelled heart rate 160 + with increased blood pressure. I have been experiencing this for the past year. It comes without warning. If I try to eat or drink it will happen as well periodically and have lost 18 lbs in 6 weeks. I feel confused, dizzy, nauseated and foggy with a hard time breathing. It can last approx 1 hr. My pulse usually goes back down but blood pressure usually stays up. Feel sick 24 hrs after these flare ups. Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks!

Exboater, your case is exactly as mine was…before I cured myself. Like you, alcohol, caffeine, stress and any upset made my arrhythmia worse…and for me, sugar made my heart race. Pushing my heart…as in aerobic activity every day resulted inside 4 weeks being able to gradually lower my beta blocker dose to ZERO! The cardiologist said my atrial fibrillation would come back but as long as I did not drink those stimulating things, I rarely even experienced blips. I hope you can achieve the same thing.


Have u looked the triggers that cause the problem. I was having arythems almost every night. I started research and founda alcolhol in any form and any amount was one of my triggers and caffeine was another , so no alcohol and decaf coffee,
Then checked out my meds one at a time all were ok. Getting too hot ,or tired both were triggers, so I limit my yard work each time. Better to take two days than to have arythms. Last was temper, getting too upset or angry, on my last pacemaker checkup tech told me that I had lowered my afib to less than 1percent. I also feel much better

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Good job on figuring all that out and following through with healthy changes!!

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